​*Rising R sessions only. The Rising R's sessions are held on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon and are available for the children who are going to Primary school in the coming academic year. During these sessions we focus on developing the skills required for Reception class. We pay particular attention to each child's literacy and numeracy skills. We also work on their concentration and social skills and help build their self-confidence by offering each child the opportunity to stand up and talk to the whole group of children through specifically designed activities.


Fees are payable calendar monthly in advance and invoices are sent out prior the start of each month.


Each session costs £14.90 and lunch club is £2.50. So, a complete day from 8.50am to 2.50pm including lunch costs £32.30.


We accept childcare vouchers.


We regret that we are unable to provide refunds for holidays and short term absences. We accept Nursery Education Funding for all eligible children (ages 3 and 4). If your child is eligible for funding you will be given a Parent Declaration Form to complete. Funding only commences the term after they turn 3. For example, a child turning 3 in November would be eligible for funding from the following January.


Fees are reviewed annually at Easter.